Agit-Prop Records

This article refers to the UK based record label and should not be confused with Agitprop! Records.

Agit-Prop Records was an independent record label founded in 1985 by the members of the then-peace punk band Chumbawamba.


Before starting the label in '85, Chumbawamba had distributed their records and tapes using the Sky and Trees label. As well as releasing their own recordings, Agit-Prop also put out a number of records by other groups.

Agit-Prop was run in co-op form adhering to anarchist philosophy.

Agit-Prop released its last album, Shhh, in 1992. Chumbawamba felt it was too much work to maintain a band and a label. Band member Alice Nutter adds:

We realised long ago while still running Agit-Prop that we were existing within a capitalist system, and belonging to a small but pure indie ghetto wasn't going to have any effect other than making us feel holy.

The label was disbanded, and Chumbawamba signed onto One Little Indian Records.

At some period during the nineties, the unreleasable "Jesus H. Christ" album (from which "Shhh" was born) was bootlegged and distributed with the fake label "Tragic Flop". It bore the serial code: TRAGIC-FLOP001"

The Name (meaning)

The term "agit prop" originates from Soviet Russia's Department for Agitation and Propaganda.


Original UK release dates for vinyl records given. Some of the following may have been re-issued in CD format.

Chumbawamba releases on Agit-Prop

Nb. For full Chumbawamba discography see main Chumbawamba page.

  • "Revolution" (AGIT 1, 1985)
  • "We Are The World?" (Agit-Matter Records, AGIT 2, 1986, split with US band A State Of Mind).
  • Pictures of Starving Children Sell Records (PROP 1, 1986)
  • Never Mind the Ballots (PROP 2, 1987)
  • "Smash Clause 28!/Fight the Alton Bill" (AGIT 3, 1988)
  • English Rebel Songs (PROP 3, 1988)
  • Slap! (PROP 7, 1990)
  • Shhh (PROP 11, 1992)

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