Agility is the ability to change the body's position, and requires a combination of balance, coordination, speed, reflexes, and strength. Agility is usually achieved when a person is using his ATP_PC or lactic acid (anaerobic) systems.

In sports, agility is described in terms of response to an opposing player, moving target, as seen in field sports and racket sports. Sheppard and Young (2006) define agility as "a rapid whole body movement with change of velocity or direction in response to a stimulus."

In business, agility means the capability of rapidly and cost efficiently adapting to changes. Recently agility has been applied e.g. in the context of agile software development and agile enterprise

Agility is also a term used in the dog world to describe a sport, Dog agility, whereby dogs run with a handler through a course of obstacles under command until the course is completed.


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