Men at Work (film)

Men at Work is an action/comedy film written and directed by Emilio Estevez. The film stars brothers Estevez and Charlie Sheen.


Carl Taylor (Sheen) and James St. James (Estevez) are a pair of troublemaking garbagemen who dream of owning a surf shop. The two uncover an illegal toxic dumping operation in their own city, Las Playas. The movie begins with the pair collecting trash as they usually do with tossed garbage cans in the street and noise to wake everyone up. A pair of local cops hassle them almost everyday, but Carl and James seem to have gotten used to this treatment by now.

After work the pair peeps on a girl with a telescope and discover that she is being mistreated by the man who is with her. Determined to right the wrong, Carl shoots the man in the rear with a pellet gun from far away. He and James both then hide and laugh. Shortly after their incident the man is strangled and ends up found the next day by Carl and James. They decide that turning in the body would implicate themselves as they shot him with a pellet gun earlier.

Carl and James ask the advice of crazed Vietnam vet Louis Fedders who helps them to stash the body. Louis kidnapps the Pizza Delivery guy who ends up helping them put a stop to the toxic dumping plot. Louis even helps the trash men get even with the cops that always gave them trouble. By the film's end Carl, James and Louis have discovered a large toxic dumping operation and brought down those responsible.

Taglines: Two garbagemen who know when something smells funny! & Heroes For Hazardous Times


The original screenplay was tentatively titled Clear Intent and slated to star another Brat Packer alongside Estevez. The majority of the movie was shot in Redondo Beach and Hermosa Beach in California.


The film was not critically well-received, characterized by one reviewer as "a good-natured lowbrow farce", and earning only a 30% rating on Rotten Tomatoes. Considering its relatively small production budget, Men at Work did well in theaters, grossing $16,247,964 USD, $3,184,311 of that within the first week.



Men at Work (Rhino/Wea, July 18, 1990)

  1. Wear You to the Ball - UB40
  2. Super Cool - Sly & Robbie
  3. Big Pink House - Tyrants in Therapy
  4. Feeling Good - Pressure Drop
  5. Back to Back - Blood Brothers
  6. Take Heed - Black Uhuru
  7. Here and Beyond - Sly & Robbie
  8. Truthful - Blood Brothers
  9. Reggae Ambassador - Third World
  10. Give a Little Love - Ziggy Marley & the Melody Makers
  11. Playas Dawn - Stewart Copeland
  12. Pink Panther No. 23 - Stewart Copeland


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