Afghan hound

[af-gan, -guhn]

Afghan hound

Breed of dog developed as a hunter in the hill country of Afghanistan. It was brought to Europe in the late 19th century by British soldiers returning from the Indian-Afghan border wars. It hunts by sight, and in Afghanistan it has been used to pursue leopard and gazelle. Its high, wide hipbones are well adapted to rough country. It stands 24–28 in. (61–71 cm) high and weighs 50–60 lbs (23–27 kg). It has floppy ears, a long topknot, and a long silky coat of various colours.

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In a political sense, the term Afghān refers to the citizens of Afghanistan. From an ethnological point of view, Afghān is the term by which Pashtuns are designated by Persian-speakers. Additionally, Pashto, the language of the Pashtuns, is known as Afghān language.

The term Afghan may also refer to:

For etymology of Afghan/Afghanistan, see Origins of the name Afghan.

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