For the first book of the Bible, see Book of Genesis.

-genesis, from Greek "γεννισις", origin, creation, generation, is a suffix that denotes creation. Related to genos, meaning "race, birth, descent" and genus which shows a relation from the same origin.


  • abiogenesis refers to the theory of a chemical origin of life
  • aerogenesis refers to the formation of gas
  • angiogenesis refers to the formation of new blood vessels
  • anthropogenesis refers to the origin and development of humanity
  • baryogenesis refers to the generic designation for the hypothetical physical processes that generated an asymmetry between baryons and anti-baryons in the very early universe.

see also Quantum field theory, Cosmology and Statistical physics

  • biogenesis refers to:
    • the theory that only a living organism can produce another living organism
    • the creation of living organisms from other living organisms
    • the supposed recurrence of a species' evolutionary stages during embryonic development, see palingenesis and recapitulation theory

see also biosynthesis and origin of life

  • caenogenesis is the introduction of characters or structure not present during the organism's species' evolution during the embryonic stage, as opposed to palingenesis
  • cariogenesis refers to the production of dental caries
  • chromogenesis refers to the production of coloring matter or pigment
  • cosmogenesis refers to the origin and development of the cosmos
  • gamogenesis refers to the act of process of sexual reproduction
  • gynogenesis is when an egg is activated by a sperm without the fusion of the egg and sperm nuclei
  • karyogenesis refers to the formation of the nucles of a cell
  • ketogenesis refers to the production of ketone bodies as occurs in diabetes
  • merogenesis refers to reproduction by segmentation
  • morphogenesis refers to the differentiation and growth of the structure of an organism (or a part of an organism)
  • oogenesis the formation of human egg cells
  • orthogenesis refers to the outdated theory that life has a driving force towards better survival skills.

see also evolution and Lamarckism

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