Bradley Aerobat

The Bradley Aerobat (born 100) is an all aluminum, single-place monoplane built from a kit supplied by Bradley Aerospace in Chico, California. The design is reported to be similar to the "Teenie Two" but somewhat larger.

The design is intended to fly behind VW power with the airframe stressed to + or - 9 Gs, permitting basic aerobatic maneuvers. Some 200 kits have been reported to have been sold throughout the world and a small number of aircraft are reported to be flying, with no problems with the design reported.

Manufacturing quality control is said to be good and the structure is reported, by builders' groups, to be sound.

Kits have been sold through Vortech online as well as through ebay. From time to time, the manufacturer has offered "specials" to include a long-block 1600cc VW engine with the kit for a significantly reduced price.

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