Madurese language

Madurese is the spoken language of the Madurese people from Madura Island, Indonesia; it is also spoken on Kangean Islands, Sapudi Islands and in eastern part of East Java. It is classified as a member of the Sundic subgroup of the West Malayo-Polynesian group of the Austronesian language family. It was traditionally written in the Javanese script, but the Latin alphabet is now more commonly used. Number of speakers though shrinking are estimated to be 8-13 million.

Phonology and Morphology

Madurese has more consonants than its neighboring languages due to it having voiceless unaspirated, voiceless aspirated, and voiced sounds. Similar to Javanese, it has a contrast between dental and alveolar (even retroflex) stops. Nouns are not inflected in gender and are pluralized via reduplication. Its basic word order is SVO. Negation is expressed by putting a negative particle before the verb, adjective or noun phrase. As with other similar languages there are different negative particles for different kinds of negation.

Common Words

  • Man: lalake
  • Woman: babine
  • Yes: iya
  • No: enja
  • Water: aeng
  • Sun: are
  • Three: tello'
  • I/me: sengko'
  • You: be'en

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