AEG (Allgemeine Elektrizitäts-Gesellschaft, General Electricity Company) was a German producer of electronics and electrical equipment. AEG was founded in 1883 by Emil Rathenau who had bought some patents from American inventor Thomas Edison.



AEG bought Kühlstein in 1902, founding the division Neue Automobil Gesellschaft (New Automobile Company), to make cars. AEG withdrew from car production in 1908.

Railway electrification

In the early 1900s, AEG supplied equipment for the London area electrification of Britain's London, Brighton and South Coast Railway.


Additionally, AEG manufactured a range of aircraft from 1910 to 1918. One of the planes designed and built was the R-plane (the R was an abbreviation of "Riesenflugzeug" (giant aircraft)) AEG R.I. This aircraft was powered by four 260 h.p. Mercedes D.IVa engines linked to a combination leather cone and dog clutch. The first flight tests were satisfactory, but on September 3, 1918 the R.I broke up in the air killing its seven crewmen.


In the late 1920s, engineers of AEG, working with BASF, then a division of the chemical giant I.G. Farben, created the first practical magnetic tape recorder, the K1 Magnetophon, which was first demonstrated at the 1935 Berlin Radio Fair.

World War II

During World War II, the inmates of Kaiserwald Concentration Camp were put to work as slave labour by Allgemeine Elektrizitäts-Gesellschaft, which used a large number of female slaves from Kaiserwald in the production of their electrical goods.

Mergers and demergers

In 1967 AEG joined with Telefunken and in 1969 they started working with Siemens AG. In 1985 AEG was bought by Daimler-Benz. The Household Appliances business was sold to Electrolux in 1996. The Transportation business was reorganized into Adtranz which was sold to Bombardier later.

Later the company was wholly integrated into DaimlerChrysler and in 1997 the company was split. In 2005 Electrolux bought the brand name. Today several former departments of AEG still exist and use the AEG name.

Today AEG's domestic appliance division remains in the hands of The Electrolux Corporation.

Aircraft Models

model year description
AEG B.I 1914 Single-engine two-seat biplane reconnaissance aircraft
AEG B.II 1914 Smaller version of B.I
AEG B.III 1915 Further developmental version of B.I and B.II with new tailplane
AEG C.I 1915 Version of B.II with aft mounted machine gun
AEG C.II Slightly smaller version of C.I
AEG C.III Single engine two seat biplane reconnaissance aircraft
AEG C.IV 1916 Version of C.II with forward firing machine gun
AEG C.V Version of C.IV with more powerful engine. One built
AEG C.VI Development of C.IV. Did not enter production
AEG C.VII Development of C.IV. Did not enter production
AEG C.VIII Development of C.IV. Two built, one biplane, one triplane
AEG D.I Single engine one seat biplane fighter. One built
AEG DJ.I 1918 Single engine one seat biplane ground attack aircraft
AEG Dr.I Single engine one seat triplane fighter. One built
AEG G.I Two engine three seat biplane bomber aircraft
AEG G.II Version of G.I with more powerful engines
AEG G.III Version of G.II with more powerful engines and longer wingspan
AEG G.IV 1916 Version of G.II with more powerful engines and larger dimensions
AEG G.V 1918 Larger version of G.IV; converted to airline use after World War I
AEG helicopter 1933 Tethered observation craft with ground powered electric motors, two rotors
AEG J.I 1917 Single engine two seat biplane ground attack aircraft
AEG J.II 1918 Single engine two seat biplane ground attack aircraft
AEG N.I Biplane night bomber
AEG PE Single engine two seat triplane ground attack aircraft
AEG R.I 1916 Four engine biplane bomber. Fuselage mounted engines with driveshafts
AEG Z.I 1910 Single engine biplane
AEG Z.II Single engine monoplane
AEG Z.III 1912 Single engine floatplane
Wagner Eule ("Owl") 1914 Single engine two seat monoplane reconnaissance aircraft

Automobile Models


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