Additionally guyed tower

An additionally guyed tower is a free-standing tower, which is also additionally guyed.

An additional guying can be temporarily or permanently. Temporarily additional guying is used when work on static relevant parts of the tower is done. A permanent guying is attached when the construction has to withstand strong forces in a certain direction. For example, some types of electricity pylon where the conductors change their direction or terminate. Towers carrying horizontally spun wire antennas are sometimes additionally guyed. Sometimes towers in windy areas are additionally guyed in order to withstand increased strain.

The main advantage of additional guying is that it is cheaper than building a completely free-standing tower, which can withstand the same force. Further, it allows for very easy upgrading of existing structures. The disadvantage of additional guying is that it requires much more ground space and that the guy basements handicap the work of agriculture. There is also a danger that the guys can be damaged at their basement anchors, so the basements need to be fenced in.

Some additionally guyed towers

Tower Year Country Town Pinnacle height Remarks
Torre de Collserola 1992 Barcelona 288.4 m
Torre Espacial 1980 Buenos Aires 228 m
RKS Liblice 1 ? Liblice 150 m insulated against ground
Mount Ślęża transmitter 1972 Mount Ślęża 136 m
Portofino TV Tower Portofino 130 m ,
Lezarsk TV Tower ? Lezarsk 130 m
Păltiniş transmitter ? Vârful Onceşti ?
Rarău transmitter ? Câmpulung Moldovenesc ?
Psunj TV Tower 1963 Psunj 128.5 m Originally completely free-standing
Helgoland Radio Tower ? Helgoland 115 m
Schöckl Transmitter 1957 Schöckl 100 m
Holstein Tower 1988 Sierksdorf 100 m Gyro-Tower in Hansa Park
Staszyce Radio Tower ? Piła 98 m
KFJZ-Tower ? Everman, Texas 86.6 m Additionally guyed tower radiator
Pohorje transmitter ? Maribor 72 m
Askiz TV Tower ? Askiz ?
Kaliningrad Transmission Mast ? Kaliningrad ?
Mount Washington TV Mast ? Mount Washington, New Hampshire ?
RR Braga Transmission Tower ? Braga ? ,
Santo António das Neves Radio Tower ? Santo António das Neves ? ,
Coimbra Radio Tower ? Coimbra ? ,
Góra Baraniec Transmitter, Tower 1 ? Jelenia Góra ?
Kospec Chimney ? Kościerzyna 57 m
Varna TV Tower ? Varna 52 m
MDD Furniture Factory Chimney 1960 Sępólno Krajeńskie 45 m
Briançon Radio Tower ? Briançon 40 m not additionally guyed any more,
Háj u Aše Radio Tower ? Háj u Aše Radio ?
Anadyr TV Tower ? Anadyr ?
Lysá Transmitter, Tower 2 ? Prešov ?
Koniaków Radio Tower 1969 Koniaków 34 m
Tower of Unity 1962 Heldrastein 30 m Former additionally guyed lattice tower, which was transformed into observation tower
Sonneberg ELOKA-Tower ? Sonneberg ?
Hartheim Forestmeteorological Tower 1985 Hartheim 30 m Aluminium structure
Góra Kiczera Radio Tower ? Baligród 29 m
Góra Wysokie Tower 1993 Limanowa / Męcina 26 m ,
Hochfirst Tower 1890 Titisee-Neustadt 25 m
Berkovitsa Transmitter Tower 2 (РРТС Петрохан) 2000 Berkovitsa 25 m
Büchenbronn Observation Tower 1883 Büchenbronn 24.75 m
HTM NDB Miles City ? Miles City, Montana ? Tower radiator of NDB
Ferma Otopeni Water Tower ? Ferma Otopeni ?
Pod Europa Water Tower ? Pod Europa ?
Crinului Water Tower ? Crinului ?
Ny-Ålesund Dirigible Tower ? Ny-Ålesund ? m
Krippenstein Radio Mast ? Obertraun, Krippenstein Mountain ? m
Jarman Island Lighthouse 1888 Jarman Island 15.5 m
Gälle Udde Lighthouse 1906 Sweden Gälle Udde 15.5 m
Akraberg Lighthouse 1909 Akraberg 14 m
Chenal de Groumili Lighthouse 1928 Saint Guénolé 13 m
Aljaž Tower 1895 Triglav 1.9 m



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