ad int

Ad interim

[ad in-tuh-rim]
Ad interim (ad int) is Latin for "temporarily" or "in the meantime." It also refers to a diplomatic officer who acts in place of an ambassador, as in the term "chargé d'affaires ad interim."

Examples from classic literature:

No; but she has become queen of Paris, ad interim. and since she could not venture at once to establish herself in the Palais Royal or the Tuileries, she is installed at the Hotel de Ville, where she is on the point of giving an heir or an heiress to that dear duke.
— chapter 77 of the English translation of Twenty Years After by Alexandre Dumas, père|
Ad interim, if I may be pardoned that expression, I shall give you this betel-box, which is highly valuable article and cost me two rupees only four years ago.
Kim by Rudyard Kipling


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