Actuate Corporation develops Business Intelligence, Performance Management and Java Reporting software. Actuate is also heavily involved in the Eclipse Foundation, as a board member, strategic developer and co-leader of the BIRT (Business Intelligence and Reporting Tools) project. Founded in 1993, the company employs about 600 people and serves over 4,000 customers worldwide.

  • Actuate 9 is the company's core product suite. Actuate reports are constructed on a Collaborative Reporting Architecture. The Collaborative Reporting Architecture provides skills-specific environments and leverages Eclipse, Java, portlets, XML, AJAX. The architecture enables design sharing and interactive viewing. Actuate 9 provides 3 essential types of Enterprise Reporting:
    • Collaborative Reporting - Interactive reporting jointly developed by IT and business users enables design sharing across skill-matched reporting tools.
    • Spreadsheet Reporting - Automatically generates analysis-ready, data-driven Excel spreadsheets for large user populations.
    • Brochure-Quality Reporting - Brand-conscious, precise, multi-format reporting, leveraged in customer interaction applications and operational performance reporting where ease of consumption is the driving factor.
  • BIRT Reporting BIRT reports are an open source reporting solution that have been developed as part of the Eclipse Foundation.
  • Actuate Performancesoft Suite is a product set that resulted from Actuate's 2006 acquisition of Performancesoft Inc Performancesoft was the maker of Performancesoft Views (formerly known as pbviews), a well known Performance management and balanced scorecard and activity management software vendor.

Data Sources Supported

Accessible data sources include:

Actuate Software Products

  • Report Development
    • Actuate BIRT Report Designer Professional
    • Actuate e.Report Designer Professional
    • Actuate e.Spreadsheet Designer
  • Report Deployment
    • Actuate iPortal
    • Actuate iServer
    • Actuate e.Spreadsheet Engine
  • End User Reporting and Analytics
    • Actuate Interactive Viewer for BIRT Reports
    • Actuate BusinessReport Studio
    • Actuate Analytics Cube Designer
  • Data Integration
    • Actuate Information Object Designer
  • Performance Management
    • Actuate Performancesoft Views
    • Actuate Performancesoft Track

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