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RE:Play is an original English language manga created by Christy Lijewski. The first volume of RE:Play was released August 8, 2006. The second volume was released March 11, 2008. There are three volumes planned.


A punk rock band named Faust faces a huge setback after Ed, their bassist, leaves to join another band. Cree Winter, a young female who sings in Faust, is roaming around the streets at night when she comes upon Izsak, a guitarist who was playing a somber song on his bass (which is later revealed to be one of her mom's songs), Cree convinces him to join Faust as their new bassist. At first Izsak is a godsend—the band it on its way to becoming successful again and Cree develops feelings for Izsak, as he does for her. But Izsak is being stalked by a mysterious pair who seem to have demonic powers.



  • Cree Winters: The band's vocalist and one of the founders. She is the daughter of Maria Winters, a famous singer who died in a plane crash when Cree was a child. Cree feels guilty because before her mother left, Cree told her mother not to come back. She found Izsak on the streets in chapter one of book one, and seemed to have been enchanted by his somber song, this is also because she is a bit sensitive when it comes to music written by her mother. She backed up Izsak when they first met Rail and she is what put him into Faust.
  • Izsak: A man Cree found in the subway playing a bass guitar. She convinced him to be the band's bass guitarist. He seems to only remember his recent past. He has an incurable but non-fatal blood disorder from birth. In order to combat this he would frequent an establishment that dealt in black market blood transfusion. He seems to be a somber loner, but as he begans to meet up with Faust, he takes a liking and seems to attach. He is usually willing to do things, and despite his gruesome past that comes up frequently, he is quite positive.
  • Rail Kainer: The other founder of Faust and the guitarist. He was born in Hamburg, Germany, and his father spoke German to him. Cree's friend and older-brother figure. His parents took her in after she was orphaned. Rail resented her because he was used to being an only child. After a talk with his father, he promised to that he would not let anyone make Cree cry. Rail is talented and athletic. He has a major in physics and was 10 points away from getting a perfect score on the SAT. He can play the violin and the cello. He was the captain of his high school swim team. It was actually while he was on the swim team that he first met Char, protecting him from a pair of "damn homophobes" in the boys locker room (Char wrote in his diary about how "totally hot" Rail was later that day). Rail has several bad habits, including snoring.
  • Charles "Char" Delphi: The band's drummer and fashion designer. Her taste and Rail's taste often come into conflict. Char also seems to have something for Izsak, as in the first meetings she was seeming to flirt around him. She is the only member of "Faust" who does not have facial piercings. She is Ed's twin, and they have moles on the opposite sides of their faces. She is revealed to actually be male; at Lejiewski's art blog she hints at it, Edward refers to Char as his "Brother", stating that Char is "no more of a girl" than he is, he is seen is a flashback in the second volume, and it is revealed in the profiles that "her" whole name is actually Charles. The reasons for his cross-dressing (if there are any) are unknown.


  • Ed Delphi: The guitarist that left the band and joined Mephisto. He used to date Cree and is Char's twin.


  • Niji: A woman stalking Izsak and Laurent's superior. Her parents were killed by a vampire who appears to be Laurent. She is a "court member" (whatever that means). She is also shown to have a romantic relationship with Laurent. Because of this she is often thought of as a shotacon within her organization, but she really hates children.
  • Laurent: Niji's subordinate. He appears young, but can shapeshift into a more mature form. He has black wings that can also function as limbs. He can fly without using his wings. He is also shown to have some conflict with members of Iszak's "clan", though what this clan is is still unrevealed. He also bears a striking resemblance to Niji's boss.


  • In volume 2, Niji tells Iszak a story. At the end, she tells him it is by Wuu Yatase. This is a reference to the famous managa artist, Yuu Watase.

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