Administrative Controlled Substances Code Number

The Administrative Controlled Substances Code Number (ACSCN) is a number assigned to drugs listed on the schedules created by the Controlled Substances Act. The ACSCN is defined in 21 CFR § 1308.03(a).

Each chemical/drug on one of the schedules is assigned an ACSN. For example, heroin is assigned 9200.

The code number is used on various documents used in administration of the system mandated by the CSA.

ACSCN tables include the CSA schedule, common alternative chemical names and the most common trade names as well as free base conversion ratio, which is the molecular weight of the substance in question divided by the molecular weight of the free base. This is used to make meaningful qualitative comparisons betwixt substances and labelling of the end product may, as is required in many European countries, list the active substance using both, as in "Each tablet contains: 120 mg dihydrocodeine bitartrate, representing 80 mg dihydrocodeine base"

For a complete list, see the list of schedules:

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