In demonology, Naberius is the most valiant Marquis of Hell, and has nineteen legions of demons under his command. He makes men cunning in all arts (and sciences, according to most authors), but especially in rhetoric, speaking with a hoarse voice. He also restores lost dignities and honors, although to Johann Weyer he procures the loss of them.

Naberius appears as a three headed dog or a raven. He has a raucous voice but presents himself as eloquent and amiable. He teaches the art of gracious living. He is depicted as a crow or a black crane.

Concerning his name, it is unclear if there is an association with the Greek Cerberus. It is said that in 1583, Johann Weyer considers both of them to be the same demon. He claimed:

"Naberius [Naberus], alias Cerberus, is a valiant marquesse, shewing himselfe in the forme of a crowe, when he speaketh with a hoarse voice: he maketh a man amiable and cunning in all arts, and speciallie in rhetorike, he procureth the losse of prelacies and dignities: nineteene legions heare (and obeie) him."

Other spellings: Cerberus, Cerbere, Naberus, Nebiros, Nebrios.

Additional Traits

  • Zodiac Position: 20 - 30 degrees of Scorpio
  • November 3rd-22nd
  • Tarot Card: 7 of Cups
  • Planet: Jupiter/Neptune
  • Metal: Tin/Neptunium
  • Element: Water
  • Candle color: Red
  • Plant: Ash
  • Rank: Marquis
  • Naberius is a Day Demon and rules 19 legions of spirits
  • Naberius helps restore lost possessions.
  • He teaches the properties of minerals, metals, vegetables and animals. Thus, he is the very model of a modern demon general.
  • He possesses the art of prediction and is an adept at necromancy.

Popular Culture

  • In the 2006 Dungeons & Dragons role-playing game supplement Tome of Magic: Pact, Shadow, and True Name Magic, Naberius appears as a "vestige" with whom characters can make a pact in return for power. He is described in his three-headed dog form.
  • Nebiros is also a character in the manga series Tarot Cafe.
  • In Persona 3, Nebiros is an acquirable persona of the Hermit arcana. The demon is portrayed as a robed figure carrying a small marionette.
  • In the World of Warcraft role playing game, Naberius appears as a character; the target of a quest to destroy him.

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