Acme (ακμή, the peak, zenith, prime) denotes the best of something.

Acme or ACME may also refer to:

Fiction and media

  • Acme Corporation (A Company that Makes Everything), a fictional company in the cartoon world of Looney Tunes
  • ACME Detective Agency, a fictional detective agency from the Carmen Sandiego series of computer games and television shows
  • Acme (album), the sixth album by the Jon Spencer Blues Explosion

Science and technology

  • ACME, open source development with Apache, ColdFusion, MySQL and Eclipse, coined by the The ACME Guide book/PDF
  • Acme (ADL), an architecture description language by Carnegie Mellon University
  • Acme (automobile), an automobile built between 1903–1911 in Reading, Pennsylvania
  • ACME (health software) automated determination of cause of death, used by several governments for the generation of national mortality statistics
  • Acme (text editor) is a text editor and development environment originally for the Plan 9 from Bell Labs operating system
  • Acme thread form, a screw thread used in specialized applications such as vises and leadscrews



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