acid meta-protein

Fatty acid-binding protein

The fatty-acid-binding proteins (FABPs) are a family of carrier proteins for fatty acids and other lipophilic substances such as eicosanoids and retinoids. These proteins are thought to facilitate the transfer of fatty acids between extra- and intracellular membranes. Some family members are also believed to transport lipophilic molecules from outer cell membrane to certain intracellular receptors such as PPAR.

Family members

Members of this family include:

Protein name Gene Tissue distribution Comment
FABP 1 liver
FABP 2 intestinal
FABP 3 muscle and heart mammary-derived growth inhibitor
FABP 4 adipocyte
FABP 5 adipocyte psoriasis-associated
FABP 6 ileal gastrotropin
FABP 7 brain
FABP 8 peripheral nervous system peripheral myelin protein 2
FABP 9 testis
FABP 11 fabp11 restricted to fishes
FABP 5-like 1
FABP 5-like 2
FABP 5-like 3
FABP 5-like 4
FABP 5-like 5
FABP 5-like 6
FABP 5-like 7


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