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Ace of Hearts Records

Ace of Hearts was the budget record label owned by Decca Records in the UK, with the aim of reissuing a whole range of American popular music in LP form from their extensive back catalogue. The label issued 184(?) LPs between 1961 and 1973 and included recordings by Bing Crosby, Billie Holiday, Judy Garland, Ella Fitzgerald, etc. Vocal groups are represented by the Ink Spots and the Mills Brothers, folk and traditional country music by Burl Ives, Uncle Dave Macon and the Carter Family, rock and roll by Bill Haley, Buddy Holly, Brenda Lee and Johnny Burnette, blues by Josh White, Lightnin' Hopkins, and Sonny Terry and Brownie McGhee (as well as two compilation albums issued under the title "Out came the blues", and jazz by Louis Armstrong, Eddie Condon, King Oliver, Art Tatum, etc.

Incomplete list of LPs issued by this label

AH 1 Bing Crosby: Old Masters. Vol. 1
AH 2 Ink Spots: Best of – Vol. 1
AH 3 Buddy Holly: That’ll be the Day
AH 4 Danny Kaye: Danny at the Palace
AH 5 Peggy Lee: Black Coffee
AH 6 Carmen Cavallaro: Dancing in the Dark
AH 7 Louis Armstrong: Jazz Classics
AH 8 The Vagabond King and The Student Prince AH 9 Victor Young: After Dinner Music
AH 10 Lenny Dee: Hi Dee Fi
AH 11 Judy Garland: Greatest Performances
AH 12 Glenn Miller: Glenn Miller Story
AH 13 Bill Haley: Rock Around the Clock
AH 14 Burl Ives: In the Quiet of the Night
AH 15 Tommy Dorsey: Tommy Dorsey's Dance Party
AH 16 Ella Fitzgerald: Best of Ella – Vol. 1
AH 17 Bing Crosby: Old Masters – Vol. 2
AH 18 Louis Armstrong: New Orleans Nights
AH 19 Lionel Hampton All Stars: Stardust
AH 20 Danny Kaye: Tubby the Tuba
AH 21 Andrews Sisters: By Popular Demand
AH 22 Ella Fitzgerald: Best of Ella – Vol. 2
AH 23 Duke Ellington: Cotton Club Days
AH 24 Bing Crosby: Old masters – Vol. 3
AH 25 Jimmy Durante / Eddie Cantor: Sings
AH 26 Peggy Lee: Songs from Pete Kelly’s Blues
AH 27 Howard Lanin: Dance till Dawn
AH 28 Jack Teagarden: Big T’s Jazz
AH 29 Bob Crosby: Stomp off! Let’s Go
AH 30 Bill Snyder: Treasure Chest
AH 31 Bing Crosby: Bing and the Dixieland Bands
AH 32 Chick Webb: Midnite in Harlem
AH 33 Al Jolson: Let me Sing and I'm Happy
AH 34 King Oliver: King Oliver’s Dixie Syncopators
AH 35 Bill Haley: Rockin’ the Oldies
AH 36 Ella Fitzgerald: With Chick Webb's Band
AH 37 Andre Previn: Hollywood at midnight
AH 38 Nat King Cole: In the beginning
AH 39 Ralph Sutton/Jess Stacey: Piano solos
AH 40 Bing Crosby: Early 30’s
AH 41 Fletcher Henderson: Smack
AH 42 :
AH 43 :
AH 44 Peggy Lee: Dream Street
AH 45 Ella Fitzgerald: Ella sings Gershwin
AH 46 Mills Brothers: Souvenir album
AH 47 Duke Ellington:Duke in Harlem
AH 48 Judy Garland: Miss Show Biz
AH 49 Ink Spots: These Cats are High!
AH 50 Dick Powell: Dick Powell Song Book
AH 51 Billie Holiday:The Lady Sings – Vol. 1
AH 52 Carmen Cavallaro: For Latin lovers
AH 53 Burl Ives: Songs for and about Men
AH 54 Russ Morgan: Golden Favourites
AH 55 Washboard Rhythm
AH 56 Michael Coleman: Irish Jigs and Reels
AH 57 Billie Holiday: The Lady Sings – Vol. 2
AH 58 Carter Family: Collection of Favourites
AH 59 Brenda Lee: Love you
AH 60 Deanna Durbin: Can’t Help Singing
AH 61 Fletcher Henderson: 1934
AH 62 :
AH 63 Red Nichols: Red Nicholls and his Five Pennies
AH 64 Billie Holiday: The Lady Sings – Vol. 3
AH 65 Josh White: Josh White
AH 66 Bill Haley: Bill Haley’s Chicks
AH 67 Hollywood Sings. Vol. 1: The Girls
AH 68 Hollywood Sings. Vol. 2: The Boys
AH 69 Hollywood Sings. Vol. 3: Boys & Girls
AH 70 Peggy Lee: Songs from The Lady and the Tramp
AH 71 Burl Ives: Women
AH 72 Out came the Blues. Vol. 1
AH 73 Louis Armstrong:Satchmo at Symphony Hall. Vol. 1
AH 74 Louis Armstrong: Satchmo at Symphony Hall. Vol. 2
AH 75 Peggy Lee: Dream street
AH 76 Artie Shaw: Dance to Artie Shaw
AH 77 Harlem Hamfats: Harlem Hamfats
AH 78 Woody Herman: Golden Favourites
AH 79 Louis Armstrong: Satchmo at Pasadena
AH 80 Al Cooper Savoy Sultans: Jumpin’ at the Savoy
AH 81 Louis Armstrong: At the Crescendo. Vol. 1
AH 82 Louis Armstrong: At the Crescendo. Vol. 2
AH 83 Tribute to Cole Porter
AH 84 Jimmy Noone: Jazz at the Apex Club
AH 85 Louis Jordan: Let the good times roll
AH 86 Guy Lombardo and his Royal Canadians: Sweetest Music this Side of Heaven
AH 87 Al Jolson: Say it with Songs
AH 88 Bing Crosby: Early 30’s
AH 89 Duke Ellington: Cotton Club Days. Vol. 2
AH 90 Bing Crosby: Among my souvenirs
AH 91 King Oliver: King Oliver’s Dixieland Syncopators. Vol. 2
AH 92 Hoagy Carmichael: Mr Music Master
AH 93 Deanna Durbin: Date with Deanna Durbin
AH 94 Ink Spots: Best of the Ink Spots. Vol. 2
AH 95 Michael Coleman/McNulty Family: Irish Dance Party
AH 96 Frank Crumit: Gay Caballero
AH 97 Omar Simeon: Omar: Omar Simeon
AH 98 Mills Brothers: Early Mills Brothers
AH 99 Carmen Miranda: Brazilian Bombshell
AH 100 Eddie Condon: We Called it Music
AH 101 Tommy Dorsey: In the TD Mood
AH 102 Ted Lewis: Is Everybody Happy?
AH 103 :
AH 104 Artie Shaw: Did Someone say a Party?
AH 105 Andy Kirk: Clouds of Joy
AH 106 Cab Calloway: The King of Hi-de-Ho
AH 107 Peggy Lee: Fabulous Peggy Lee
AH 108 Dick Haymes: Love Letters
AH 109 Art Tatum: Here’s Art Tatum
AH 110 Isham Jones: Swinging Down the Lane (1930-1931)
AH 111 Count Basie: Jumpin’ at the Woodside
AH 112 Carter Family: More favourites
AH 113 Paul Whiteman: “Pops” remembered
AH 114 Jimmy Dorsey: Great Jimmy Dorsey
AH 115 Sophie Tucker: Great Sophie Tucker
AH 116 Boswell Sisters: Nothing was sweeter than
AH 117 Four Aces: Dreaming
AH 118 Leroy Anderson: Music of Leroy Anderson
AH 119 Jimmy Rushing: Blues I love to sing
AH 120 Johnny Burnette: Rock ‘n’roll trio
AH 121 Judy Garland: The Wizard of Oz/Pinnocchio
AH 122 Bing Crosby: Bing in Paris
AH 123 Stan Kenton: Formative years
AH 124
AH 125 Around the Christmas tree
AH 126 Loretta Young/Gregory Peck: Littlest angel
AH 127 Ronald Colman/Charles Laughton: Christmas Carol/Mr Pickwick's Christmas
AH 128 Judy Garland: Magic of
AH 129 Mary Martin: On The Town/Lute song
AH 130 :
AH 131 Marlene Dietrich: Marlene Dietrich
AH 132 Burl Ives: Sings for Fun
AH 133 Art Tatum: Art of Tatum
AH 134 Axel Stordahl: Magic Islands Revisited
AH 135 Uncle Dave Macon: Uncle Dave Macon
AH 136 Bing Crosby/Walter Huston: Ichabod/Rip van Winkle
AH 137 Call Me Madam/Guys and Dolls
AH 138 Tommy Dorsey: In a Sentimental Mood
AH 139 :
AH 140 Bunk Johnson: New Orleans Memories
AH 141 Samuel Kelsey: Witness for the Lord
AH 142 :
AH 143 Glenn Miller/Jan Savitt Orchestras: Swing Happy
AH 144 :
AH 145 Bing Crosby: Beloved Hymns
AH 146 :
AH 147 Deanna Durbin: Date with Deanna Durbin. Vol. 2
AH 148 Buddy Holly: Greatest Hits
AH 149 :
AH 150 :
AH 151 :
AH 152 :
AH 153 Ella Fitzgerald: Sweet and Hot
AH 154 Muggsy Spanier: Muggsy Spanier
AH 155 Jimmie Lunceford: Rhythm is our Business (1934-37)
AH 156 Woody Herman: Band that Plays the Blues
AH 157 Charlie Barnett: Skyliner
AH 158 Out came the blues. Vol. 2
AH 159 Earl Hines: Swinging in Chicago
AH 160 Andy Kirk: Twelve clouds of joy
AH 161 Harlem on a Saturday Night
AH 162 Willie 'The Lion' Smith: Swinging Club Men
AH 163 Jugs and Washboards
AH 164 Bing Crosby: Rare Style
AH 165 Jabbo Smith: Aces of Rhythm
AH 166 Duke Ellington: Cotton Club days. Vol. 3
AH 167 Dave Brubeck: Jazz at Oberlin
AH 168 Jack Teagarden: JT 1929-31
AH 169 Johnny Dodds: Clarinet King
AH 170 Eartha Kitt: Revisited
AH 171 Fred Astaire: Now
AH 172 :
AH 173 :
AH 174 Coleman Hawkins: The hawk and the hunter
ZAHVN 175 Duke Kamoku and his Islanders: Golden Hawaiian hits
AHC 176 Lester Young: Prez
AHC 177 :
AHC 178 Eddie Condon: Condon a la Carte
AHC 179 Eddie Condon: Jam Sessions at Commodore 1938-43
AHC 180 Edmund Hall: Swing Session
AHC 181 :
AHC 182 Sonny Terry/Brownie McGhee: Home Town Blues
AHC 183 Lightnin' Hopkins: Blues
AHC 184 Billie Holiday: Commodore Days
Decca also owned Ace of Clubs Records which did exactly the same job but with UK material

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