Ukrainian submarine Zaporizhzhia

U-01 Запоріжжя (Zaporizhzhia) is a project 641 ("Foxtrot" class) submarine, the only submarine of the Ukrainian Navy at the moment. She formerly carried the Soviet Navy pennant number B435.

Being on a years-lasting repair, Zaporizhzhia is an inactive military unit (according to Defense Minister Anatoly Hrytsenko). She is run by a naval crew of 78, commanded by 1st Rank Capt. Oleh Orlov.


Zaporizhzhia's keel was laid down in 1970 at the New Admiralty Shipyard in Leningrad. In 1970 she was commissioned into the Soviet Red Banner Northern Fleet, where she conducted 14 patrols, including a port call in Cuba. Later the submarine was transferred to the Soviet Black Sea Fleet, serving there until 1994. In 1995, the submarine's batteries permanently failed and she became abandoned without their replacement.

In 1997 the submarine was handed over to the Ukrainian Navy during the partition of the Black Sea Fleet. Like most of the country's naval ships, she was renamed after one of Ukraine's cities — Zaporizhzhia. The city's community began to co-sponsor the ship, especially the accommodational needs of the crew. But it was only in 2003 when Ukrainian government became able to buy a new batteries set abroad and make Zaporizhzhia's survival real. However, she was immediately placed under repair in Sevastopol. The repair is finished on 75% at the moment, but the submarine is still unable to put out to the sea.

In 2005, Zaporizhzhia was considered to take part in the 2006 joint exercise conducted by the Ukrainian Navy and the Italian Navy, but the end of her repair was postponed. In January 2007, Defense Minister Anatoly Hrytsenko stated that Ukraine intends to sell Zaporozhie.

Ship Log

From September to November 1970, submarine was at sea for 20 days, 422 hours (236 submerged, 186 surfaced). Traveled while surfaces and while being under water. The submarine completed 15 submerges, and used 125 tons of fuel.

During the service in Atlantic in June - December 1971, submarine was at sea for 210 days. It traveled while surfaces and while being under water.The submarine completed 71 submerges, and used 825 tons of fuel.

During June 27 - August 10 1972 Zaporizhzhia underwent medium repairs.

From July - October 1994, submarine was at sea for 16 days. Traveled while surfaces and while being under water.

In January 1995 Zaporizhzhia traveled only in 4 hours while being towed.


Main torpedoes used are: 53-51, 53-39, 53-61, 53-65, САЕТ-60.

Torpedo tubes are 533 mm (1.75 ft) diameter, and 8.145 m (26.7 ft) long. Tubes are placed 700 mm (2.3 ft) away from each other.

Also carries 12 extra torpedoes. 22 Total.

Can also carry 32 MTD type mines or 26 PM-2 or RM-2 type mines.

Can be equipped with 4 MANPADS.

Handheld weapons include:
12 handguns Makarov PM
12 assault rifles (AK, AKM)

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