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Shared Land Information Platform

The Shared Land Information Platform, otherwise known as SLIP, is the concept of sharing the Government of Western Australia's (WA) land and geographic information. The aim of SLIP is to improve access and use of spatial data within government, business and the community.

SLIP was developed in response to the Government of WA's strategic planning framework; “Better Planning, Better Services”. This framework promoted a more “citizen-centric” focus and the transition towards joined-up government. Part of the aim was to better utilise Information and Communications Technology to improve service delivery to citizens.

To implement the SLIP concept, it was necessary to develop a technology that would allow multiple government agencies to share spatial information. This technology is known as the SLIP Enabling Framework or SLIP Enabler

SLIP Enabler

SLIP Enabler is the technological infrastructure that allows users to access WA government agencies significant land and geographic information resources.

It is designed to provide a virtual single point of access to authoritative spatial data, and to improve the efficiency and effectiveness of the way spatial information is used and viewed.

It enables the public, Government agencies and business to access land information online, anywhere and anytime, with the assurance that the data is the most current available.

For government agencies, SLIP Enabler reduces the cost of disseminating information while still allowing agencies to retain full control over their data and who accesses it. It also ensures that the most current spatial information is available to end users.


The benefits of SLIP Enabler include: • Improved business processes and systems that use spatial information across networked government. • Government agencies, local government, community groups, industry and private citizens now have a single point of access to spatial information. • Systems using spatial information will be able to be implemented with a reduced infrastructure overhead and at lower cost than otherwise previously achievable.

SLIP Enabler was completed in June 2007 and launched to WA government in August 2007. The SLIP concept was lead by Landgate and based on collaboration and engagement with users. Its success can be attributed to the effective collaboration of a large number of WA agencies.


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