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Roz, a Loan

"Roz, a Loan" is the ninth episode in season 6 of American sitcom Frasier.

Cast and characters

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Plot outline

Roz is in a difficult financial situation, struggling to pay for her rent and baby clothes. KACL's ratings are suffering as a result of the new format, but the management still will not change it. Frasier does not expect this to last, and offers to lend Roz $1500 to help her along in the meantime. He is surprised afterwards to see that she seems to be spending rather extravagantly: spa treatment, expensive lunches, perfume. He wonders if he should talk to her about this, but Martin and Niles firmly advise him not to get involved, especially since he specifically said to Roz that the money was hers to use as she pleased. Fortunately, it is not long before KACL re-consider and give Frasier and his colleagues their jobs back, although Frasier is still troubled.

Niles is also suffering from reduced spending power, and when he discovers that Martin has not used a spa gift certificate that Niles gave him as a birthday present, he begs his father to use it now for the two of them. Martin is eventually persuaded, but the experience is not as relaxing as it should be for either of them.

Episode Title Cards

  • Spa vs. spa
  • A moveable face

Memorable Quotations

Niles: Dad, have you seen Frasier's frittata pan?
Martin: (looks at him) Hi, Marty Crane. I don't believe we've met.

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