academic requirement


[flog, flawg]
Flog may refer to:

  • General terms:
    • Flagellation (also known as "flogging")
    • British or Australian slang meaning either "sell" or "steal"
    • An Australian slang term for a person who is an idiot or a "tool"
    • During the Roman empire, to flog is to torture with a whip of broken glass and at the end is a metal ball with two metal hooks/scourging
  • Internet terms:
    • A blog on Freenet
    • A photolog
    • A fake blog typically used as a sales tool
    • A flipped blog developed for subsequent sale
    • A family blog
    • A blog devoted to food, especially a food porn blog
    • A LifeLog
    • An acronym for "For Love of God"
    • A forced blog, such as those used by students to meet an academic requirement
    • A portmanteau of Blog fiction
    • A fictional blog
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