Acacia Avenue

Acacia Avenue

Acacia Avenue is a cliché within British culture—a metaphor for an average middle-class suburban street.

There are at least sixty Acacia Avenues in Great Britain, nine of them within Greater London.

Cultural references

  • Iron Maiden recorded a song entitled 22 Acacia Avenue on their third album The Number of the Beast. The closest Acacia Avenue to their native East London is in Hornchurch.
  • Dark Tranquillity also performed a death metal version of 22 Acacia Avenue, on the Iron Maiden tribute album Tribute to the Beast
  • Henry Cass directed a 1945 film entitled 29 Acacia Avenue.
  • Bananaman lived at 29 Acacia Road.
  • Acacia Avenue is the name of a music group of Sheffield based garage punksters.
  • On the game Guitar Hero 3, the first tier (The Backyard Bash) is at the address of 22 Arcadia Avenue, a reference to the Iron Maiden song.
  • On the game Rock Band, one of the venues in London is located at 22 Acacia Lane, another reference to the Iron Maiden song.
  • On the Cover on the somewhere in time album, Eddy is standing on 22 Acacia Avenue. Charlotte the Harlot is in one of the windows.(The song is about Charlette the Harlot)

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