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X-Ray Spectrometry (journal)

X-Ray Spectrometry is a peer-reviewed scientific journal, published in the United Kingdom since 1972 by John Wiley & Sons. In six issues per year, it publishes papers dealing with the theory and application of x-ray spectrometry using electron, x-ray photon, proton, and -x sources.

The current Editor-in-Chief is Professor R. Van Grieken from the University of Antwerp, Belgium.

Impact factor and rank

The 2007 Impact Factor is 1.117. It is ranked number 24 out of 39 in the Spectroscopy category..

Highest cited papers

  1. Article: 'Analysis of X-ray spectra by iterative least squares (AXIL): New developments', B. Vekemans, K. Janssens, L. Vincze, F. Adams, P. Van Espen 23(6):278-285 (NOV-DEC 1994). Cited 121 times .
  2. Article: 'L shell fluorescence yields and coster - kronig transition probabilities for the elements with 25-less-than-or-equal to Z less-than-or-equal-to-96', S. Puri, D. Mehta, B. Chand, Nirmal Singh, P. N. Trehan 22(5):358-361 (SEPT-OCT 1993). Cited 121 times .
  3. Research Article: 'Synchrotron radiation X-Ray fluorescence at the LNLS: beamline instrumentation and experiments', Carlos A. Pérez, Martin Radtke, Héctor J. Sánchez, Helio Tolentino, Regis T. Neuenshwander, William Barg, Marcelo Rubio, María Izabel Silveira Bueno, Ivo M. Raimundo, Jarbas J. R. Rohwedder 28(5)320-326 (SEP-OCT 1999). Cited 55 times .
  4. Research Article: 'Elemental Analysis of Environmental Samples by Total Reflection X-Ray Fluorescence: a Review', R. Klockenkämper, A. von Bohlen 25(4):165-162 (JUL-AUG 1996). Cited 55 times .

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