absolute temperature

Degree (temperature)

The term degree is used in several scales of temperature. The symbol ° is usually used, followed by the initial letter(s) of the unit, for example “°C” for degree(s) Celsius.

The most common scales of temperature are:

Other scales of temperature include:

The degree Kelvin (°K) is a former name for the SI unit of temperature on the thermodynamic (absolute) temperature scale. Since 1967 it has been known simply as the kelvin, with symbol K. Degree absolute (°A) is obsolete terminology, often referring specifically to the kelvin but sometimes the degree Rankine as well.


  • Boiling Point of Water: 100.0 °C / 212.0 °F
  • Melting Point of Ice: 0.0 °C / 32.0 °F
  • Average Human Body Temperature: 37.0 °C / 98.6 °F
  • Average Room Temperature: 20 - 25 °C / 68 - 77 °F US METRIC ASSOCIATION

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