[ab-suh-loot, ab-suh-loot]
absolute, in philosophy, the opposite of relative. The term has acquired numerous widely variant connotations in different philosophical systems. It means unlimited, unconditioned, or free of any relation; perfect, complete, or total; permanent, inherent, or ultimate; independent, or valid without reference to a perceiving subject. In epistemology, absolute means certain or indubitable as opposed to probable or hypothetical. As a substantive, the absolute is the ultimate basis of reality, the principle underlying the universe. Theologically, it is synonymous with, or characteristic of, God. Philosophically, it may be considered as the unknowable, the thing-in-itself; as that ultimate nonrelative that is the basis of all relation; as the ultimate, all-comprehensive principle in which all differences and distinctions are merged. The concept of the absolute was present in Greek philosophy. In modern times, both realists and idealists have used the term, but it is, perhaps, most intimately connected with the idealism of G. W. Hegel.
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  • Absolute Distilled Water, a brand of distilled water produced by Philippine's Asia Brewery
  • Absolut Vodka, a brand of Swedish vodka
  • Absolute Radio, the UK radio station formerly known as Virgin Radio
  • Absolute Yachts, an Italian brand of Motor Yacht
  • Absolute Entertainment, the video game company
  • Absolute (mixed martial arts), a weight class where any fighter of any weight can participate, only reserved for knock-out tournaments
  • Absolute, in grammar, one of three degrees of comparison
  • Absolute monarchy, a form of government found within a few nations
  • Absolute City Center, phases 1, 2 and 3 of the Fernbrook development in Mississauga, Ontario, Canada
  • Absolute, in perfumery : the aromatic result of a process using a solvent such as alcohol, hexane, or Carbon Dioxide to remove waxes and most odorless materials from aromatic 'concretes', producing an alcohol soluble or semi-liquid oil. Absolutes are highly concentrated. Waxes, terpenes, sesquiterpenes and most other odorless matters are eliminated from the aromatic concretes during the preparation of the absolutes.
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