Abronia umbellata

Abronia umbellata

Abronia umbellata (Pink sand verbena) is a flowering and ornamental plant native to the western United States. Other common names include Beach Sand Verbena and Purple Sand Verbena. Abronia umbellata is a prostrate perennial with thick, succulent leaves (leaves occur few to many and are slender, glabrous to glandular, opposite, ovate to diamond-shape with stems as long as leaf blades, stems are often hairy) and pink to purple colored flowers with white centers. Generally found in sandy, well-drained soil in areas with low precipitation, it can become a striking carpet-like groundcover in undisturbed areas after winter rains. Pink Sand Verbena tolerates seaside conditions and is found on the west coast of the North America from British Columbia, Canada to Baja California, Mexico. Sand Verbena is typically found on beaches and sand dunes blooming throughout most of the year. Flowers occur in clusters subtended by 5-8 lanceolate bracts. The flowers do not have petals, but the calyx lobes are cleft giving the appearance of 10-16 petals. The limbs of the perianth is bright colored sometimes to purplish magenta and the tube can be green or red but always-glandular pubescent. The tube includes one pistil and three stamens.

A. umbellata frequently hybridizes with other species of Abronia, including maritima.

Abronia umbellata is fragrant at night and attracts moths. The foliage can be deciduous based on environmental stress.

This plant is sometimes used in California in native plant gardening.


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