According to the Book of Numbers, Abronah (עַבְרֹנָה), sometimes "Ebronah", is one of the places the Israelites stopped at during the Exodus from Egypt, before Ezion-Geber. Its name means passage, and it is the passage from the mountains down to the sea overlooking Ezion Geber. In the book "Rivers in the Desert" Nelson Glueck reported it as Elats industrial city.

Modern archaeologists like Juris Zahrins have linked it with a number of trade routes coming down to Elat from the Mountains of Lebanon and the Dead Sea bringing cedar wood, finely woven linen, bitumen, natron or salt, ben jamin or juniper oil from Lebanon, and coming up from Punt bringing frankincense and myrrh; all to be used in Egyptian mummification rituals at Karnack in return for the nub or Egyptian gold brought from Thebes by Hatshepsuts fleet.


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