Abominable is a Sci Fi Channel original film released in 2006. It premiered on April 10 in New York City. The movie featured the cryptid Bigfoot as the main antagonist. It was written and directed by Ryan Schifrin, and produced by Red Circle Productions. Its tagline was "Think Big".


Preston Rogers, a wheelchair-bound paraplegic, returns home where he had the climbing accident that paralyzed him and took the life of his wife. Otis, Preston's patronizing physical therapist, accompanies him to his cabin in the woods. After Otis leaves to buy Preston some soy milk, a group of girls arrive to stay in the cabin next door for a bachelorette weekend. Preston then begins to notice strange things happening in the woods surrounding the two cabins as night falls which happen to be a hunting ground for a monster which is none other than the legendary Sasquatch. One by one the girls are taken by the monster while Preston watches on helplessly. He tries to tell Otis when he returns, but Otis doesn't believe him, nor do the police he emails a report to. Preston takes matters into his own hands after having to sedate Otis, and helps the lone survivor of the girls escape the monster's rampage. They are eventually rescued after Preston manages to kill the Sasquatch after it kills Otis. As the local police look for the dead monster, which is missing, they see the eyes of many more monsters that are surrounding them light up. It is strongly implied that these men are killed by these creatures.



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