Abitibi River

Abitibi River

The Abitibi River is a river in northeastern Ontario, Canada, which flows northwest from Lake Abitibi to join the Moose River which empties into James Bay. This river is long.

The river was an important fur trading route for the Hudson's Bay Company. Now, pulp and paper is an important industry in the heavily forested region through which it flows.

It passes the town of Iroquois Falls, Ontario, which was named after the nearby falls on the river. The name comes from an Ojibwa tale about an invading Iroquois war party who were sent over the falls by their Ojibwa captives.

A hydroelectric power generating plant is located on the river at Abitibi Canyon. The experience of surveying the river for the purposes of building this plant was the inspiration for folk singer Wade Hemsworth's "The Black Fly Song".


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