Aama (Mother) is the first Nepali movie produced in Nepal, starring Shiva Shankar Manandhar and Bhuvan Chand (Thapa) as the leading actors.The movie was produced by the Information Department of the Nepalese Government and released on Octber 7, 1964 (2021 B.S.). The story revolved around a typical household of a Nepalese village where a desperate young boy flees home to earn money and to alleviate agony of his poor widow mother. He served in a foreign army for a couple a years, returns home as a grown-up, energetic young man but only to find that his mother has passed away. The elders of the village persuade him to stay behind in the village and serve the community, reiterating the saying that “service to the motherland is equally virtuous as service to a mother”. Since there was no precedence of movie making in Nepal, there were no professional movie actors to be recruited for the leading roles. The leading actor, Shiva Shankar was a music composer/singer and actress Bhuvan Chand was a theatre performer. Their presentations were pristine, natural and without ‘professional glamour’. According to Shiva Shankar, the most of the shots were okayed at the first single take.

Story: Script: Director: Hira Singh Khatri Music Composer: V. Balsara (Music of the Theme Song by Nati Kaji) Producer: Information Department, the Government of Nepal Actors: Shiva Shankar, Bhuban Thapa, Indra Lal, Basundhara Bhushal, Chaitya Devi


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