Music as a Weapon Tour

Music as a Weapon is an alternative metal/nu metal/hard rock tour created by American band Disturbed. There have been three tours as of 2008, with a fourth tour coming in March 2009. Disturbed made a special Music as a Weapon tour for Australia and New Zealand with P.O.D. (the tour was from September 2-September 12 2008). Music as a Weapon II has been recorded into a live CD and live CD/DVD, released in 2004.

The name "Music as a Weapon" comes from a lyric line in the Disturbed song "Droppin' Plates", from their debut album, The Sickness: "Gonna fight the war, and use my music as a weapon".


Music as a Weapon:

Music as a Weapon II:

Music as a Weapon III:

Music as a Weapon: Australian & New Zealand Tour:

Music as a Weapon IV:

Music as a Weapon II

Music as a Weapon II was recorded as a live album and DVD, created by the band Disturbed. It was recorded on the tour in 2003 and released in 2004. It contains Disturbed's cover of Metallica's "Fade to Black" and the previously unreleased track "Dehumanized" (a studio version of the track later appeared as a B-side to one of the "Stricken" singles in 2005). The DVD also contains Disturbed's video for their single "Liberate".

Track listing

  1. Disturbed - "Loading the Weapon" - 2:33
  2. Disturbed - "Bound" - 3:54
  3. Taproot - "Myself" - 3:36
  4. Disturbed - "Dehumanized" - 3:44
  5. Chevelle - "Forfeit" - 4:06
  6. Disturbed - "Fade to Black" - 4:26
  7. Unloco - "Empty" - 4:03
  8. Taproot - "Sumtimes" - 4:42
  9. Disturbed - "Darkness" - 4:02
  10. Unloco - "Bruises" - 2:50
  11. Disturbed - "Prayer" - 3:49
  12. Chevelle - "The Red" - 3:46
  13. Taproot - "Poem" - 3:20
  14. Disturbed, Pete Loeffler, and Joey Duenas - "Stupify" - 4:28

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