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A.O.K. (Assault Of Knowledge)

A.O.K. (Assault Of Knowledge) is the moniker of rapper and award-winning journalist Omar Mouallem .


Born September 13, 1985 in Slave Lake, Alberta, Canada, Omar "A.O.K." Mouallem, the son of Lebanese immigrants, spent most of his life growing up in High Prairie, a small town in northern Alberta.

He told the Edmonton Sun that he began rapping at age 9. "My mom found my lyrics book and it was just full of all sort of vile lyrics about women and stuff like that. I stopped rapping until I was like, maybe 14." (June 27, 2008). At 14, he began rapping as Poppa Smurf. In "Fake I.D.", he raps about his younger self, "For whatever it's worth, I was Rico Suave/Everyday was an excuse to par-tay in the hallways. I was what you would call a 'wigger'/Busting raps about triggers and figures and Nike kickers." In 2001 he changed his rap name to Justice?, and then again in 2005 to A.O.K., an acronym of Assault Of Knowledge.

Mouallem began his rap career seriously in Vancouver, British Columbia, where he studied screenwriting and worked as a hip-hop writer for The Nerve Magazine. In 2006 he moved to Edmonton, Alberta. Over three years, A.O.K. worked transiently on his debut album If You Don't Buy This CD the Terrorists Win, which was released on Ill-Legitimate Productions June 10, 2008. The Canadian music blog, Hero Hill, called it, "smarter and more thoughtful than your average rap album."

On episode 75 of Savage Lovecast, the podcast of sex advice columnist Dan Savage, Mouallem wrote and recorded the introductory music. It was never used as the show's theme song again.


If You Don't Buy This CD The Terrorists Win

Ill-Legitimate Productions

# Title
1 Walk Like a Man
2 Tales From Planet Grolic
3 Miss Green
4 Hip-Hop a la mode
5 Coffee Shop Girl
6 The Hood Samaritans (featuring Neato! The Filthy Varmint)
7 Fake I.D.
8 Unintelligent Redesign
9 You Are a God
10 Freedom is a State of Mind
11 Thank You Dot Com (featuring Neato! The Filthy Varmint)
12 The Cedar Seeds (featuring Cousin Moe and Spinning Truth)


Song Artist Album
Pass the Machete Ira Lee, A.O.K. Die
Lucky Daze Lithium, S.O.S., A.O.K. Lithium and Bizoid Present...East Side Magic
Moonlight Lithium, Bizoid, A.O.K. Lithium and Bizoid Present... East Side Magic
Thank You Dot Com Neato! The Filthy Varmint, A.O.K. As It Were... '07

Journalism and Writing

Omar Mouallem is also a writer and journalist. He has contributed to The Nerve (magazine), Vue Weekly, Q-News, 24 Hours (newspaper), Avenue magazine (Edmonton), Exclaim! and other publications. He's also appeared as a video blogger on The Listening Post on Al Jazeera English.

In 2008 he authored the book Amazing Cats published by Folklore Publishing.

"Let's Talk About Sects", an article examining temporary marriages in Shiite Islam written for Vue Weekly (September 12, 2007), garnered him second-place in the features category of the 2008 Sex-Positive Journalism Awards.


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