Zygovisti or Zigovisti
Prefecture: Arcadia
Province: Gortynia
Municipality: Dimitsana
Municipal district: '''Zygovisti

37.586 (37° 34' 57") N
22.065 (22° 3' 58") E

14.98 km²
Population: (2001)
-Percent of the municipality


about 600 m (west)
1,160 m
about 1,500 m (north)
Postal code: GR-220 07
Area/distance code: 11-(00)30-27950
Car designation (as of 2006): TP

Zygovisti or Zigovisti (Greek, Modern: Ζυγοβίστι, Ancient/Katharevousa: -on), older form Zigovistion, is a village that is located 6 km SSE of Dimitsana and 2 km from the Karytaina - Dimitsana Road in the municipality of Dimitsana and in the western part of the prefecture of Arcadia. It is located about 6 km NE of Stemnitsa, S of Lagkadia and S of GR-74, about 40 km NW of Tripoli, about 21 km NE of Karytaina, about 46 km N of Megalopoli and GR-7/E65 and about 45 km NE of Andritsaina. It main industry relies on agriculture.

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  • Location:
    • Latitude: 37.586 (37°34'57') N
    • Longitude: 22.065 (22°3'58') E
  • Postal code: 220 07
  • Elevation: 1,160 m
  • Area: 14.98 km²
  • Dialing code: +11+30-27950 (030-27950)

Historical population

Year Communal population Change Percent of the
1981 154 - - 10.28/km²
1991 131 -23 or 14.94% 8.57% 8.74/km²
2001 142 +11 or +8.4% 10.62% 9.48/km²

The population (πληθυσμός) from 1991 to 2001 revived growth and was one of the few villages in the municipality that saw population increase. The density in the early 1980s fell below ten but recovered above 9 in the mid-1990s. Until the pavement of the road and the one linking Karytaina and Dimitsana in the mid-20th century, the village didn't have paved roads or electricity. Until the mid-1980s, much of the houses were stone-built. The area has a school, a church, and a square (plateia) where in 1999 it had a marble book commemorating the heroes' names from 1821. It is the largest marble book in the world. It is one of the highest villages in Arcadia. The area in the east has the Aimyalo monastery and a mountain resort used in the summer. Winter is very common in December and January and summer is cooler than other places in Arcadia. A creek and a valley is located slightly south which leads to a valley near the road linking Karytaina and Dimitsana. Pine trees are situated in the valley and east of the community. Much of the area are deforested and rocky. Its residential houses and buildings are within the main road and it is about 200 to 300 m long wide at the centre. Much of the houses were stone built until the 1960s. Electricity arrived in the same year. Vehicles arrived in the 1970s, the pavement of the main road and television arrived in the 1980s and computer and internet are rarely known in the beginning of the 21st century and up to date technology are not seen.

The phone card in 2003 featured the village of Zygovisti and its area.

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