Zunyi or Tsunyi, town (1994 est. pop. 295,200), N Guizhou prov., SW China. It is on the main highway to Sichuan and is the commercial and agricultural distribution center of N Guizhou. Iron and manganese ore are mined, food is processed, and textiles (cotton and silk), chemicals, and machine tools are manufactured.

Zunyi known as the "Famous City in History", is one of the two most important cities (Guiyang and Zunyi) of Guizhou Province, the People's Republic of China.

Zunyi is a prefecture-level city in Guizhou province in southwestern China (People's Republic of China). The two main district of the city, known as HuiChuan and Honghuagang, have a population of around 800,000 people, and the whole region, including 14 county-level administration area as a whole, has a population of approximately 7 million.


Zunyi is located in North Guizhou province, situated at the side of the Xiangjiang River - a branch of Wujiang River. The altitude of the city is approximately 900 meters.


Zunyi is known for being the location where Mao Zedong was first elected to the leadership of the Communist Party of China during the Long March. After this famours "Zunyi meeting", Mao Zedong and other two leaders formed a group to control the procedure of Long March. Chinese tourists come to take photographs in the meeting hall where this historic election took place (at the Zunyi Conference). This historical meeting hall once belonged to a local warlord and after being occupied by the Red Army served as the temporary headquarters.


Zunyi is the economic and commercial hub of the North Guizhou Province. The GDP of the city accounts for one quarter of the whole province among its 9 prefecture-level divisions.


Being known as the "home of culture" of Guizhou province, Zunyi, or the North-Guizhou area, is the education and Economics centre of the province.

Institutions of higher learning

  • Zunyi Medical College (遵義醫學院)

Culture of food and wine

Zunyi is known for being a place where Chinese leaders, including Deng Xiaoping, visited to enjoy its fiery hot local cuisine, including yangrou fen (spicy hot rice noodle soup with lamb and bean curd).

This is made with Lai fen, a kind of thick wide round rice noodle that is made locally (at a factory in the town of Gaoping), and is difficult to find elsewhere.

The rice liquor Maotai is brewed nearby, as is Dongjiu. The local beer Gaoyuan is quite delicious. It is said that the local mountain water accounts for the quality of these locally-brewed beverages, although pollution currently threatens the water of the Chishui River, from which Maotai is made.

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