Zucchius crater

Zucchius (crater)

Zucchius is a prominent lunar impact crater located near the southwest limb. Because of its location the crater appears oblong-shaped due to foreshortening. It lies just to the south-southwest of Segner crater, and northeast of the much larger Bailly walled-plain. To the southeast is the Bettinus crater, a formation only slightly larger than Zucchius.

The crater rim is symmetrical and shows little significant wear from impacts. The inner wall is terraced, and there is a group of small central peaks that forms a curving arc around the middle of the floor. This crater is believed to have formed during the Copernician period, within the last 1.2 thousand million years.

Satellite craters

By convention these features are identified on lunar maps by placing the letter on the side of the crater mid-point that is closest to Zucchius crater.

Zucchius Latitude Longitude Diameter
A 61.8° S 56.0° W 28 km
B 61.8° S 54.3° W 25 km
C 60.8° S 45.2° W 22 km
D 61.4° S 58.7° W 26 km
E 61.3° S 60.6° W 21 km
F 60.1° S 56.5° W 8 km
G 60.5° S 57.2° W 25 km
H 61.0° S 59.7° W 14 km
K 64.3° S 58.0° W 10 km


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