Zoomerang (Lake Compounce)

Zoomerang (Lake Compounce)

Zoomerang is the name of a steel roller coaster located at Lake Compounce in Bristol, Connecticut. There are over three dozen standard boomerang shuttle coasters around the world, and the Zoomerang is just one of them. They all feature a cobra roll and a loop, but the Lake Compounce Boomerang was the first boomerang to receive a Vekoma designed train. Early models used trains designed by Arrow Dynamics. After the coaster finishes its cycle, it runs in reverse. In September 2007, the ride was repainted with a new color scheme. The track was painted purple and the supports were painted teal.


On June 14, 2001, just a day after an employee was decapitated while weed-cutting under the coaster Boulder Dash, investigators determined that the mishap on the Zoomerang roller coaster at Lake Compounce amusement park in Bristol, Connecticut was caused by a sensor malfunction. The sensor failed to communicate properly with the rides automatic braking system, allowing the train of cars to continue on its own energy until it came to rest in a section of track 60 feet in the air, in the low point of the rides Cobra Roll. Twenty-six passengers were left stranded in their seats until firefighters evacuated the ride. None of the passengers were injured.


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