Zlin Z 37

Zlin Z-37 Cmelak

The Zlin Z-37 Čmelák (Czech: "Bumblebee"), also known as LET Z-37 Čmelák is an agricultural aircraft manufactured in Czechoslovakia. The aircraft is used mainly as a cropduster.

Design and development

Design work upon the first purpose-designed agricultural plane started in Czechoslovakia in 1961, in a cooperation of two manufacturers: Let Kunovice and Moravan (Zlin brand). The first prototype designated XZ-37 first flew on June 29, 1963 (other sources: June 29). It was a cantilever low-wing monoplane of metal construction, covered with duralumin and canvas in a tail part, with a fixed landing gear. The pilot's cab was in front, right after a 315 hp radial engine, and before a container for chemicals. This offered pilot a good view, but was potentially dangerous in case of emergency landing. Behind pilot, there could seat a mechanic, heading towards tail.

The plane was produced from 1965 under a designation Z-37. From 1971, the Z-37A was produced, with a strengthened construction. It was produced until 1975, and then in 1983-1984. 677 were produced, including 27 two-seater Z-37A-2 for crew training.

On September 6, 1981 there was flown a prototype XZ-37T, powered by a 691 hp turboprop engine Walter M-601B. Final variant Z-37T Agro Turbo was powered by less powerful turboprop engine M-601Z and produced from 1985 until 1987. 28 Z-37T were built by then, including some two-seater trainers Z-37T-2. Apart from engine, it differs from the Z-37 by having a bigger span - 13.6 m and wing area, the wings have winglets. A further development carries a designation Z-137Т.

Operational history

Main user of Z-37s is Czechoslovakia but many planes were exported. Aircraft is used for agricultural duties but can also be used for firefighting or hauling gliders.


First prototype.Z-37
First production version built between 1965 and 1971.Z-37A
Second production version with strengthened construction. Built between 1971 and 1975 and later between 1983 and 1984, 650 built.Z-37A-2
Two seat version for crew training, 27 built.XZ-37T
Prototype of the turboprop version powered by Walter M-601B engine, built in 1981.Z-37T Agro Turbo
Turboprop version with bigger span wings, powered by Walter M-601Z engine and built between 1985 and 1987. 28 built including Z-37T-2 trainer.Z-37T-2
Two seat turboprop version for crew training built between 1985 and 1987.Z-137T
Further development version.


Specifications (Z-37)

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  • Hans-Joachim Mau: Tschechoslowakische Flugzeuge, Transpress, Berlin 1987, ISBN 3-344-00121-3
  • Photo and description (in Slovak)

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