Zinc iodide

Zinc iodide

Zinc iodide is composed of Zinc and Iodine. It is an inorganic compound with a molecular weight of 319.22. It is a white, granular, odorless solid that absorbs water from the atmosphere and then dissolves into a solution. At 1150°C, zinc iodide vapor dissociates into zinc and iodine.The true value of the empirical formula of zinc iodide is ZnI2.

Zinc iodide is often used as an x-ray opaque penetrant in industrial radiography to improve the contrast between the damage and intact composite.

United States Patent 4109065 describes a rechargeable aqueous zinc-halogen cell which includes an aqueous electrolytic solution containing a zinc salt selected from the class consisting of zinc bromide, zinc iodide, and mixtures thereof, in both positive and negative electrode compartments.


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