Zhu Yanfeng

Zhu Yanfeng

ZHU Yanfeng (Traditional Chinese: 竺延風, Simplified Chinese: 竺延风, Pinyin: Zhú Yánfēng), is the current president of China FAW Group Corporation. He is also the former chairman of Tianjin Automobile Group.


Mar. 1963, Zhu was born in Fenghua, Ningbo, Zhejiang Province. He is the grandson of renowned meteorologist Chu Coching.

He graduated from the Department of Automation, Zhejiang University in Aug 1983. 1982, he joined the Communist Party of China.

1997~1999, Zhu was the Deputy General Manager of China FAW Group Corporation. 1999~2002, he promoted to the position of General Manager. 2002~2007, he was elected to be an alternate member of the 16th Central Committee of the Communist Party of China. 2002, Zhu went to Tianjin, became the Chairman of Tianjin Automobile Group until 2006. 2006 till now, he is the President of China FAW Group Corporation.

2007, Zhu became the vice-president of Jilin Province.

China FAW Group Corporation is the firt Chinese automobile producer, before the Chinese Economic Reform, it was long-time the biggest antomobile producer. Currently it's also one of the biggest car producers in China.

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