Zenarchy is a political philosophy put forth by Discordianism co-founder Kerry Wendell Thornley in a book of the same name. It is a counter-cultural, Zen and Taoist-inspired theory of politics. Thornley defines it as follows:
*ZEN is Meditation. ARCHY is Social Order. ZENARCHY is the Social Order which springs from Meditation.
*As a doctrine, it holds Universal Enlightenment a prerequisite to abolition of the State, after which the State will inevitably vanish.

Zenarchy is inspired by both Eastern Zen Buddhist and Taoist philosophies, and Western ideas of anarchy. Like most Discordian theories, it incorporates both humor and serious thinking.


  • Thornley, Kerry; Zenarchy, IllumiNet Press, June 1991 ISBN 0-9626534-1-1 (on-line version)

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