Zeit (meaning "time" in German) is a 1972 album by the German electronic music group Tangerine Dream. The style of this album is slower and more atmospheric than their previous albums. Indeed, it was considered to be a joke at the time because of its extreme avant garde nature. Florian Fricke from the Munich-based group Popol Vuh, playing Moog synthesizer, and four cellists appear on the first track. The album cover by Edgar Froese depicts a solar eclipse.

Track listing

  1. "Birth of Liquid Plejades" – 19:54
  2. "Nebulous Dawn" – 17:56
  3. "Origin of Supernatural Probabilities" – 19:34
  4. "Zeit" – 16:58


Guest musicians

  • Florian Fricke – Moog synthesizer on "Birth of Liquid Pleijades"
  • Steve SchroyderOrgan outro on "Birth of Liquid Pleijades"
  • The Cologne Cello Quartet — Cello intro on "Birth of Liquid Plejades"
    • Christian Vallbracht
    • Joachim von Grumbcow
    • Hans Joachim Brüne
    • Johannes Lücke
  • Dieter Dierks – Recording Engineer


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