Yuri 3H

Atlas I

The Atlas I was an American expendable launch system, used in the 1990s to launch a variety of different satellites. The "I" in "Atlas I" can cause confusion, as all previous Atlas rockets were designated using letters, ending with the Atlas H, however subsequent rockets were designated using roman numerals, starting with the Atlas II. Officially, the "I" is considered to be is the roman numeral "1".

The first stage of the Atlas I is an Atlas H, and the second stage is a Centaur. The first stage has an MA-5 booster unit, consisting of two LR-89 engines, for stage-and-a-half staging (used in conjunction with the Centaur, this gives the Atlas I 2.5 stages).

Launch History

Date/Time (GMT) Serial Number Payload Outcome Remarks
Atlas Centaur
25 July 1990, 19:21 AC-69 5049 CRRES Successful Maiden flight of Atlas I, spacecraft later failed
18 April 1991, 23:30 AC-70 Unknown Yuri 3H Failure Centuar turbopump malfunction
14 March 1992, 00:00 AC-72 5052 Galaxy 5 Successful
22 August 1992, 22:40 AC-71 5051 Galaxy 1R Failure Centaur turbopump failed to start
25 March 1993, 21:38 AC-74 5054 UHF F-1 Failure Atlas engine failure, satellite placed in unusable orbit
3 September 1993, 11:17 AC-75 5055 UHF F-2 (USA-95) Successful
13 April 1994, 06:04 AC-73 5053 GOES-8 (GOES-I) Successful
24 June 1994, 13:50 AC-76 5056 UHF F-3 (USA-104) Successful
23 May 1995, 05:52 AC-77 5057 GOES-9 (GOES-J) Successful
30 April 1996, 04:31 AC-78 5058 Beppo-SAX Successful
25 April 1997, 05:49 AC-79 Unknown GOES-10 (GOES-K) Successful Final flight of Atlas I

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