YouthBuilders began in 1975. It was founded by Denis Bell and was created to serve youth ministries in the Missionary Church in Ontario, Canada. A team of four (two young men and two young women) would travel through Ontario ministering to a different church every week over a year. The team would work directly with the youth of the churches but also work with the entire church group.

The teams were well received by the churches and a pattern developed where a YouthBuilders team would be created every four years.

In 2000 the Brethren in Christ Church joined with the Evangelical Missionary Church (formerly the Missionary Church) in the YouthBuilders venture. There would be two teams traveling to the two denominations, and the teams would run every two years.

In 2002 the Centre for Student Leadership was founded in Clarksburg, Ontario, Canada and the YouthBuilders use it as a base of operations for training.

The Youthbuilders are no longer confined to just Ontario, now teams have travelled to Pennsylvania, United States; London, England; Saskatchewan and Alberta, Canada, and most recently in December 2007, Ghana, on the west coast of Africa.

Events that have come out of the YouthBuilders organization include; Advance Leadership Camp, Pitch and Praise and JR Pitch.

The current leadership/training team includes Mike & Melri Wright, Gavin & Peggy Wark, Denis Bell & Lynda Rees, and Rodney & Amy Hess.

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