YourSports™ is an online media network for amateur sports operated by A to Z Sports Inc.. It’s YouTube meets ESPN for the thousand’s of amateur sports games, highlights, and moments caught on camera--that never make it to the web.

YourSports powers internet TV for web publishers and videographers, delivers content to media syndicates, and connects advertisers to amateur sports with video.

The media has reported that the privately-held company has raised $900,000 in seed funding.


YourSports products include YourSports10, the first national online broadcast top 10 highlight show solely based on user-submitted amateur sports content. The show consists of media from fans, players, parents and coaches, and enables users to create channels (group profiles) for local teams and organizations. In addition, users can can create their own Top 5 highlight show.

Non-Profit relationship

In addition to developing amateur sports-oriented services, A to Z Sports Inc., the parent company of YourSports, also powers The I Love Baseball Foundation.

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