Yet another

Yet another

In hacker jargon, the use of yet another as a way of padding out an acronym is fairly common. Examples include:

  • YAAP: Yet Another Ascension Post (an announcement of a win at NetHack)
  • YaAST: Yet Another Avatar Setup Tool, written to help changing the user's Avatar in most BB-Software
  • YABA: Yet Another Bloody Acronym (see TLA).
  • YABASIC: Yet Another BASIC
  • YaBB: Yet Another Bulletin Board
  • yaboot: Yet Another Bootloader
  • YACAS: Yet Another Computer Algebra System
  • YACC: Yet Another Compiler Compiler (supplied with Unix and Unix-like systems)
  • YACD: Yet Another Character Dump (a description of a character in Angband)
  • YAFC: Yet Another FTP Client
  • YafRay: Yet Another Free Raytracer
  • Yagl: Yet Another Game Library
  • YAHT: Yet Another Haskell Tutorial
  • Yahoo!: Yet Another Hierarchical Officious Oracle
  • YaJa: Yet Another Jabber API
  • YaKuake: Yet Another Kuake (KDE Quake-style console)
  • Yalc: Yet Another Liero Clone
  • YALC: Yet Another Language Compiler
  • YALE: Yet Another Line Editor (the system editor supplied with the UCSD Pascal p-System operating system/user environment; available for 8080, Z-80, 6809, 680x0, 808x, ... CPUs)
  • YALMIP: Yet Another LMI Parser (See YALMIP, Convex programming and Semidefinite programming)
  • YALTA: Yet Another Leak Test Application
  • YAM: Yet Another Mailer (MUA)
  • YamiPod: Yet Another iPod Manager
  • YAML: Originally, Yet Another Markup Language
  • YAP: Yet Another Previewer
  • YAP: Yet Another Prolog
  • YAPC: Yet Another Perl Conference
  • YARV: Yet another Ruby VM
  • YARTOS: Yet Another Real-Time Operating System
  • YAS: formerly, Yet Another Society, now known as The Perl Foundation
  • YASD: Yet Another Stupid Death, a death in NetHack caused by pilot error
  • YASN: Yet Another Social Network
  • YASNS: Yet Another Social Networking Service
  • YAST: Yet Another Setup Tool (part of the SUSE Linux distro)
  • YATI: Yet Another Trek Incongruence. Indicates an error found in a Star Trek episode, usually by fans. It is arguably the most used YA* among geeks.
  • YATTT: Yet Another Tengwar Transcribing Tool
  • YAUN: Yet Another Unix Nerd
  • YAWL: Yet Another Workflow Language
  • YAYACC: Yet Another Yet Another Compiler Compiler
  • YAZ: Yet Another Z39.50 (Index Data's toolkit)

This jargon is also used in non-abbreviated form, and the inevitable 'Yet Another YAPC report' has also been used.

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