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Yam O

Sunny Bay redirects here. For the MTR station, see Sunny Bay (MTR)

Yam O is a bay located on the northeast shore of Lantau Island, in the New Territories of Hong Kong. It is part of the Tsuen Wan Rural West constituency of the Tsuen Wan District Council.

Yam O was the one and only natural lumber preservation zone in Hong Kong. Even today, travellers passing through Yam O can see natural lumber on stilts in the bay.

Today, Yam O is known for its interchange for the Disneyland Resort Line via the nearby Sunny Bay MTR station, built on reclaimed land near Yam O.

Sunny Bay

Sunny Bay (欣澳) [approximately Yan O in Cantonese] is a recent incarnation by the Hong Kong Government, which emerged after the plans to build Hong Kong Disneyland Resort on nearby Penny's Bay. This was done so because Yam (陰) in Cantonese means dark (the same word as the Mandarin yin, well known to most English speakers from the expression yin-yang); while Yan (欣) means happy - a significantly more suitable name for the Disneyland rail link. But Yam (陰) also has a meaning which is "North of the hill and south of water" according to "Shuo Wen Jie Zi", so the change of the name is opposed by some Chinese language professionals. Sunny Bay is today also a transport interchange for Discovery Bay residents, being served by bus route DB03R.

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