Yam Kim Fai

Yam Kim Fai

Yam Kim Fai (Chinese: 任劍輝) (December 29, 1912November 29, 1989) was a famous Cantonese opera actress in China and Hong Kong.


She was in a number of films between 1951 and 1968, as well as a number of on stage Cantonese opera performances in Hong Kong. She is most notable for her unique ability to impersonate and sing with a deep male voice. Her indistinguishable male opera voice allow her to play either male or female roles. Most of the time, she takes on male roles.

Some of her major work include The Peony Pavilion and Princess Chang Ping. One of her best student was Connie Chan Po-chu, the other being Loong Geem Saung (龍劍笙).

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