Yakakent is a central town of Yakakent district of Samsun Province of Turkey. Older name was Gümenos.


Yakakent was founded in the second century BC. Its name was Cominus under byzantian rule. The city grew with the advent if migrants from Caucasia during the Russian - Ottoman war and from Salonica9. It has become a sub - prefecture in 1991.


Yakakent is on the provincial borders between Samsun and Sinop and bordered by Black Sea, Alaçam, Canik mountains and Gerze clockwise from the north.


There are no rains in summer while winters are tepid and rainy.

Socio-Economic Structure

Though the agriculture is the backbone of economy, fishing of major significance. Sturgeons and other species of fish are caught by nearly seventy trawlers. Two factories process the seafood catch and export them mainly to France and other European countries.

Characteristic agricultural products are tobacco, wheat and rice. Carpet - weaving is widespread in the villages.


Yakakent is 6 kilometres to Alaçam, 33 kilometres to Bafra and 84 kilometres to Samsun. There are frequent daily services to both Samsun and Sinop.


The earliest settlement was found in the Pilavtepe tumulus. Though mention is made of a castle by ancient historians, no traces of it has so far been found. The Yakakent - Kushimato Brotherhood Sea Games Festival is held every July with participation of folkloric teams from Turkey and Japan.

Overnighting And Meals

A 20 - bed municipal hotel and restaurant and a motel for 12 families are at the seashore. The teachers clup has accommodation for 15. Twelve family boarding houses are available at Sürmeli site some 5 kilometres away from the town. Likewise, the Forestry Administration's motel at Çamgölü lake has ample capacity for overnighting. The local ravioli, with walnut and ground meat fill is much appreciated. Broth with goose and chicken meat is also worth trying.

Sister cities

Yakakent has one sister cities:

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