Yair Dori International

Yair Dori International

Yair Dori International is production company from Argentina. They mostly work in corporation with Cris Morena. It appeared in 1950's, and they make the most popular Argentine soap operas today. They are creator of shows like Chiquititas, Rebel's Way and Floricienta, but also producers of Argentine bands like Erreway, Bandana and Rolabogan.

The Beginning

Dori's soap operas first were for older women, and only in Spanish language. But, later Dori started working soap opera in Portuguese, and, more importantly, they started creating themes that would appeal to kids and teens by adding young actors. The more teenage themes that popped up, the more people started watching. Guess about 60 percent of the audience is female. As for boys, they watch telenovelas, but seem to feel uncomfortable admitting it because they don't want to seem mushy.


The most successful soap opera for children was an Argentine show, called Chiquititas, which started filming in 1995. The show was about orphan children who had to deal with the nasty manager of the orphanage until a kind woman came and helped them. She became the manager of the orphanage and, in the end, married the love of her life and adopted all the children. "Chiquititas" was not only hugely popular in Argentina, but was actually sold to 39 countries, including Colombia, Mexico and Israel. This show rase to fame many young actors, as Felipe Colombo, Camila Bordonaba, Luisana Lopilato, Benjamin Rojas, and many others. In 2001, Dori made "Chiqutitias" movie, named "Chiquititas: Rincon de Luz".

Rebel's Way

"Rebel's Way", originally named Rebelde Way, is arguably the most successful soapopera for teenagers, and featured many of the same actors from "Chiquititas." The show is about all the ups and downs of life at boarding school. Part of the popularity of the show came from the fact that the four main characters had a band named Erreway (or "RWay," an abbreviation) and also made music together in real life. In fact, they've had three successful CDs, and were greeted by hysterical fans wherever they came.

Other works

Dori made many successful soap operas, mostly for teenagers, along with Cris Morena. Shows like Floricienta, Casado con Hijos, Alma Pirata, Son de Fierro, Sos Mi Vida and many more are also their works. Dori is one of the most popular production company, not just in Argentina, in Latin America.

Lists of actors who work for Yair Dori

These are just the most popular actors.

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