Yael Bar-Zohar

Yael Bar Zohar

Yael Bar Zohar (born January 29 1980) is an Israeli actress, model and television host.

Bar Zohar was born in Tel Aviv to Jewish parents. She started her modeling career in a bathing suits catalogue and a commercial at the age of 15. Her breakthrough came when she was cast for a leading role in the popular soap opera "Ramat Aviv Gimel". She has played a role in the Israeli musical Mary Lou, which has also toured the United States.

In September 2005, Bar Zohar married Israeli actor Guy Zuaretz, of note for his appearance in Steven Spielberg's 2005 movie Munich. Their first son was born in October 25, 2007. The couple lives in Tel Aviv.


Bar Zohar burst into the spotlight through the mid-90's blockbuster TV series Ramat Aviv Gimel. (Many critics consider the show to be the Israeli version of the Baywatch series.) The stunning actress played a glamorous and care-free school girl, appearing in various sizzling bikini suits and providing romantic scenes with co-star Lior Miller. She instantly turned into a show-stopper and became a leading sex-icon in Israel and overseas. Some Israeli artists even wrote songs glorifying her large breasts that became her trademark at the time.

Bar Zohar later turned to modelling and was the leading poster girl for various Israeli firms. Her most influential campaign so far was with the undergarment company Pilpel. The model's remarkable presence and glamorous looks made her an instant hit with the teen generation. She has remained a prominent figure on the Israeli silver-screen, with her clever career-planning and various projects.

She made her musical theatre debut as Belle in Beauty and the Beast in 2005 in the Israeli premiere.


  • Height: 1.58 m
  • Hair colour: Dyed Blonde
  • Eyes colour: Brown

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